Terms & Tech

Terms & Tech


Frosted film - A product designed to allow light through but no vision either way. Not recommended to be installed to glass where a wall is being built within 300mm of the rear of the film. Recommended for internal installation.

Opaque film- A white, black, grey or coloured film that doesn't let much light through. No vision either way. This product is recommended to be installed to glass where a wall is being built within 300mm. Also great for signage on glass.

Blockout film - A product design to create full block out of all light and shadows, no vision either way. The special grey lining to the rear will neutralise any colour bleed from underneath. Ideal if you are installing over different colour base film or designs. Also to help create full dark rooms.

One Way Reflective Film - This product is designed to work on glass that requires privacy on one side but clear vision thru to the other side. Generally reflective in its finish. Ideal use for police stations and training facilities where observation is required without detection. These material must have the correct light balance to work effectively. Recommended for internal installation.

One Way Film - This is different to the reflective film above. Most commonly know for its use on trams. This product is a mesh looking material that allows graphics to be printed on the face of the image, whilst maintaining a black back to allow easy vision out. Best used for shop fronts and building facade’s. Recommended for external installation.

Solar Film - Designed to assist in thermal and visual performance of glass. These products can have a benefit in heat load, glare, and low e values; these can also contribute to green star ratings. We recommend it for internal installation however a limited range of external options are available.

Safety Films - Designed to add safety benefits to float glass this product acts as a laminate to help prevent dangerous shards of glass. This is not to be confused with security film. These films are traditionally optically clear. Recommended for internal installation.

Security Film - An optically clear polyester layer that is thick enough to increase glass strength and minimise the chance of an intruder penetrate into a space. Common use in banks and high security environments. Recommended for internal installation.

Anti Graffiti Films - These films are designed to protect glass against scratching caused by vandals and or accidental contact. Generally optically clear and designed to be installed externally to glass.



For best results, supply images in any of the following formats:

Print ready .PDF , .AI , JPG , TIFF , .EPS.

All type must be outlined / flattened.


We require a minimum of 25mm bleed on each edge.

No print or crop marks.

The minimum required resolution is 300ppi @ 100%.


Increasing the resolution of an image will not improve the finished print quality. This simply splits up existing pixels into smaller artificial pixels generated by the softwares enlargement algorithm.


Pixels Per Inch is a description of the logical number of pixels from your original image that will be used to tell the printer to print one inch on paper. Dots Per Inch is a measure of how many tiny droplets of ink a printer is laying down in its dither pattern to form one inch of a print.


When looking for a suitable image, the pixel dimensions directly relates to the maximum print size achievable. Always download the largest available size.